CenterPin Float reel Thunder

$ 225.00
Brand: Skippers Tackle
Product Code: TFR-95001590018900
Availability: 2

One piece body and spool in 11.5cm diameter machine cutted from the finest grade 6061 aluminum billet stock. Two precision ball bearings. 

Easy on/off ratchet for customers' convenience.

Great choice for the salmon and steelhead centerpin anglers on lakes, rivers and streams.  

This reel is SMOOTH! Precision machining, high quality bearings and perfect balance result in a spool that spins effortlessly and without interruption.
We know what is important for a center pin reel. So although we want to make the reel cost competitive.
We still decide to use the Grade 5 bearing made in Japan for the reel. This make it totally exclusive comparing with the others in the market. 

Colour Black
Also comes with Neoprene Reel Glove.
Outside Dia 113 mm
Spool Inner 25 mm
Weight 180 grams
Line capacity is 275 yards 8 lb line with 50 yards 20 lb backing

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